Short-Term Lodging
On January 19th, 1999 the City Council adopted the Short-Term Lodging Ordinance (Municipal Code Chapter 25.23). The purposed of this Ordinance is to prevent adverse impacts on residential neighbors and the burden City services posed by Short-Term Lodging Units.

"Lodging Unit" or "Units" means a room or suite of rooms used for the residential use and occupancy of one family rented to person(s) other than the owner.

"Short-Term" means the leasing or occupancy of a lodging unit for a period of thirty (30) consecutive calendar days or less.

Municipal Code Section 25.05.020 outlines the procedure for an Administrative Use Permit

The first step is to submit an 
application for an Administrative Use Permit.  The application must be signed by the property owner or authorized agent. 

In addition to the application, a filing fee of $302 and a mailing list with two (2) sets of addressed envelopes of the property within 300 feet of the perimeter boundary of the parcel containing the proposed Short-Term Lodging Unit must be submitted.  The mailing list of labels must be in a 3-across by 10 down format on 8-1/2" x 11" paper, and the two (2) sets of self-addressed, stamped envelopes (with the City of Laguna Beach return address) must be supplied for the entire number of property owners.  The list must be complied by a professional listing service.

Once a complete application is submitted, a public notice will be mailed to the property owners within 300 feet of the subject property informing them of the proposed Short-Term Lodging Unit and asking them is they want to request that a public hearing be held on the matter.  This notice will contain a date deadline for requesting, in writing, a public hearing.

If no one makes a written request for a public hearing, an Administrate Use Permit will be issued subject to the standard conditions specified in the Short-Term Lodging Ordinance.

In the event a public hearing is requested, a second notice will be sent out notifying property owners within 300 feet of the subject property of a public hearing and its time, date and location.  At the public hearing, all public comments concerning the proposed use will be heard by the Director of the Community Development Department.  The Director will then make an administrative decision regarding the proposed use.  The Director's decision is appealable to City Council by the applicant or the property owners within 300 feet for the subject property.  The appeal must be filed with the City Clerk within 14 calendar days, and there is an appeal fee of $650.

Short-Term Lodging Units Conditions of Approval

All Administrative Use Permits issued for Short-Term Lodging will be subject to the following conditions:

  1. Overnight occupancy of Short-Term Lodging Units shall be limited to a specific number of occupants, and the number of occupants shall not exceed that permitted by the Building and Fire Codes.
  2. Occupants and guests of Short-Term Lodging Units shall not create unreasonable noise and disturbance, engage in disorderly conduct or violate any laws, including those laws pertaining to collection and disposal of refuse, the consumption of alcohol or the use of illegal drugs.
  3. A Valid Business License issued by the City shall be required for Short Term Lodging Units.
  4. A Valid Transient Occupancy Registration Certificate issued by the City shall be required, and the Transient Occupancy Tax Shall be paid to the City for Short-Term Lodging Units.
  5. Short Term Lodgings structures containing three or more units shall also collect a Business Improvement Assessment to the City. 

The Director of Community Development or the City Council can impose additional conditions or mitigation measurers pertaining to the operation and management of the Short-Term Lodging, including on-street parking restrictions.  Failure to comply with any imposed conditions of approval may be grounds for the possible revocations of Short-Term Lodging Administrative Use Permits as provided in Municipal Code Section 25.05.075

Applying for a City of Laguna Beach Business License

All Short-Term Lodging Operators are required to have a valid business license. Applications can be obtained from the cashier's desk at City Hall. (Business license questions may also be answered between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday by calling (949) 497-0733 or on the City web site.  For more information please
click here.

Applying for Transient Occupancy Registration Certificate

Along with the City of Laguna Beach Business License application applicants must submit a Short-Term Lodging Registration Application.  There is no permit fee required for this application.  The application requires the property address, the property owner information and if applicable, the property agent information.   A Transient Occupancy Certificate will be issued once all three applications (Administrative Use Permit, Business Licenses application, and Short-Term Registration Application) are approved.

Collection an Remittance of Transient Occupancy Tax
Short-Term Lodging operators are required to collect from each hotel guest (transient) a Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) in the amount of ten pecent (10%) of the rent charged by the operator for the occupancy during any 30 day period or less.  In addition to the TOT collection, if the property contains three or more units operators are required to collect a Business Improvement District Assessment in the amount of two percent (2%) of the rent charged for the occupancy during any 30 day period or less.  Transient Occupancy Tax and the Business Improvement Assessment must be remitted to the City on a quarterly basis.





April 1-30

May 1


July 1-31

August 1


October 1-31

November 1


January 1-31

February 1

Forms and Payments should be sent to:

City of Laguna Beach
Finance Division
505 Forest Avenue
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Click here for Transient Occupancy Tax FAQ