Public Art Map

The Story of Art

This Map offers an insight into the over 65 pieces of public art in Laguna Beach and the artists who have created them. Each tells a story that is unique, some uplifting, some introspective and others that leave a legacy for future generations. Each is an original piece of work, made in an array of different media for a specific site. Many have been inspired by the natural beauty of Laguna Beach, its coastlines and marine wildlife, while others have embraced the rich cultural heritage of the City. Each of these public art pieces reflects the importance of the arts in Laguna Beach. To enjoy this unique dialogue visit "Eye View Public Art" and view conversations with the artists who created pieces for the City’s permanent public collection

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Art in Public Places
Is a requirement of the City of Laguna Beach Municipal Code for any commercial development valued over $225,000 to install art work to the value of 1% of the project, or alternatively pay an in-lieu fee of 1.25%. Developers are encouraged to work with artists in the creation and placement of the works. Currently there are 35 pieces installed through this program.

Public Art
These are installations facilitated and funded through or by the City of Laguna Beach and its Arts Commission. The pieces are installed on City owned property and are always accessible to the public. As of the printing of this publication, 22 were funded by the lodging establishments and City of Laguna Beach, eight were funded through a donation; three were donated by artists and three are on temporary loan.

Artist Designed Bench
This program was initiated in 1998 and over 10 years eight artist designed benches have been installed throughout the City. These installations have been commissioned through a public call for artists who have adhered to competition guidelines and are approved by the City Council.