Customer Service Questionnaire

We Care What you Think 

If you have interacted with City of Laguna Beach Community Development Department, please fill out the questionnaire below. We strive to provide exceptional service and your feedback helps us achieve that goal. Thank you for taking the time to give us your opinion.

Click here to take the questionnaire

What We Do with Questionnaire Feedback

  1. High-Level Review. Each questionnaire is read by members of the Community Development's Management Team. 
  2. Real-Time Satisfaction Alerts. If you request follow-up, we are immediately alerted and you will receive a personal phone call from Greg Pfost, Director of Community Development or Jim Pechous, Assistant Director of Community Development. These alerts help us respond quickly, provide additional information, hear your feedback, and correct issues that have arisen.
  3. Weekly Reports. Each week we generate reports and discuss their findings at Community Development management meetings.  
  4. Department Improvements. Review and analysis of community feedback will be used to make improvements to Community Development services, processes, and communications. 

We Heard You!

Here are some examples of what we have done with questionnaire feedback:

  • Improved Building Permit Format. A customer suggested that we make our building permit application easier to fill out electronically. So, we changed the format from a static PDF to a dynamic PDF — now customers can enter their information on their computers. See the new Building Permit here.

Why We Developed This Questionnaire

This questionnaire tells us where the pain points are for people who go through our process. We want to know what is important to members of our community so we can respond and improve. This questionnaire gives you a voice in our decision process. It helps us develop sensible decisions based on your feedback.

It also allows us to compare our performance and your opinion of our service over time. We plan to include Customer Satisfaction rates as a component of the metrics gathered for the Community Development Department's year-end review. They help the City remain open and transparent to the public about City operations.