Heritage Trees

The City of Laguna Beach encourages property owners to retain, maintain and preserve the aesthetic character and health of significant trees on their property. Certain trees may be designated as Heritage Trees because of their size, age, unique features, or significance to the character and history of the city. 

The Preservation of Heritage Trees ordinance, LBMC Chapter 12.08, establishes a process for the designation of significant trees in the city as Heritage Trees. The process begins when property owners nominate trees for evaluation. The ordinance establishes criteria to evaluate significant trees for inclusion on the list and provides incentives to property owners whose trees receive Heritage Tree designation from the City Council.

Heritage Trees in public areas are maintained by the Public Works Department. Heritage trees on private property are assessed and regulated by the Department of Community Development.

Preservation of Heritage Trees Ordinance, Chapter 12.08

Heritage Tree Application

Heritage Tree List (Revised 1-21-20)  

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