Major Development Projects

The following documents relate to the Laguna Beach Company’s proposed development projects in the City of Laguna Beach:

The Laguna Beach Co. has identified several development projects that it plans to pursue. The proposed projects are in the very early phases of formation and may take many paths as challenges and opportunities are identified and various studies and reviews are conducted. Each potential project will be thoroughly reviewed for compliance with the City’s General Plan, the Local Coastal Program, the Zoning Code, other related policies and codes, and the California Environmental Quality Act. Hearings will be scheduled before the Planning Commission, and some of the projects could be appealed to the City Council and to the California Coastal Commission.


The following materials were submitted by the Laguna Beach Company, have not been reviewed by the City, and are for information purposes only.


The Cleo Hotel project, located at the northeast corner of South Coast Highway and Cleo Street, would continue the existing uses — lodging, retail, restaurant — at the two adjacent subject properties: Holiday Inn and 14 West. This stretch of Coast Highway would be updated and beautified with an increase in parking and increase in usable public spaces. The Cleo Hotel is proposed as a terraced, three-story, full-service hotel.


Cleo Hotel Project Concept Review Submittal Renderings

Cleo Hotel Project Application


The Museum Hotel, on the ocean side of North Coast Highway between Cliff Drive and Jasmine Street, would replace existing uses there with a boutique, arts-focused hotel, intended to increase available parking and beautify this stretch of Gallery Row. 


Museum Hotel Project Concept Review Submittal Renderings

Museum Hotel Project Application


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Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Laguna Beach and Laguna Beach Company Concerning Potential Development Projects by Laguna Beach Company in Laguna Beach

Reimbursement Agreement for City Costs with Laguna Beach Company April 24, 2019 

Review Process for Significant Development Projects and Consideration of a Memorandum of Understanding July 9, 2019

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The following documents relate to past major development projects in the City of Laguna Beach:

Development Agreement for Treasure Island Destination Resort Community (The Montage)

Treasure Island Memorandum of Understanding