Parking Management Plan


Agenda Bill Final Parking Management Plan Implementation 1-12-14
Draft Parking Management Plan 5-30-2013 (Reviewed by City Council on June 4, 2013)
Draft Parking Management Plan 5-10-2013
Draft Parking Management Plan 4-5-2013


The City of Laguna Beach seeks to maximize the effectiveness of the public parking and publicly accessible parking in Downtown Laguna Beach and on Laguna Canyon Road through a Parking Management Plan containing innovative parking management strategies that compliment Complete Streets policies. The study area contains over 2,000 public parking spaces plus a number of publicly accessible privately-owned parking spaces and the demand for these spaces is generated by a variety of users including residents, employers/employees, and visitors (beach-goers, retail patrons, restaurant/bar patrons, festival attendees/participants, etc.). The new Parking Management Plan will be designed to specifically address these unique parking demands and will contain dynamic components and strategies to satisfy the needs of all users of a multi-modal transportation circulation system, including pedestrians, bicyclists, children, persons with disabilities, seniors, movers of commercial goods, users of public transportation, and motorists.

Over the years the City has accumulated a significant amount of parking data and information that will serve as a foundation to development of a Parking Management Plan. This background information, along with new parking technology and best practices will be combined with input from the Laguna Beach community, City staff, and decision-makers to maximize the effectiveness of existing parking resources in the study area.

Project Area

Study area map [link to map]


The Parking Management Plan process was initiated in April 2012 and will be completed in approximately 11 months. RBF Consulting has been hired by the City to assist in the preparation of the Plan. The process includes three distinct phases:

(1) Review and analyze existing data and evaluate opportunities for improvement,

(2) Collect supplemental data from the field and from the community and prepare draft recommendations, and

(3) Prepare final recommendations for the Parking Management Master Plan.

Community Involvement

Community members are invited to participate in the process! [See the “Get Involved” page for details]

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