Parking Management Plan


Agenda Bill: Update on 2014 Pilot Program 10-21-14
Agenda Bill: PMP Implementation Update 6-17-14
Agenda Bill: Final Parking Management Plan Implementation 1-12-14
Draft Parking Management Plan 5-30-2013 (Reviewed by City Council on June 4, 2013)


The City of Laguna Beach seeks to maximize the effectiveness of the public parking and publicly accessible parking in Downtown Laguna Beach and on Laguna Canyon Road through a Parking Management Plan containing innovative parking management strategies that complement Complete Streets policies. The study area contains over 2,000 public parking spaces plus a number of publicly accessible privately-owned parking spaces and the demand for these spaces is generated by a variety of users including residents, employers/employees, and visitors (beach-goers, retail patrons, restaurant/bar patrons, festival attendees/participants, etc.). The Parking Management Plan is designed to specifically address these unique parking demands and contains dynamic components and strategies to satisfy the needs of all users of a multi-modal transportation circulation system, including pedestrians, bicyclists, children, persons with disabilities, seniors, movers of commercial goods, users of public transportation, and motorists. 

In summer 2014, the City initiated a phased implementation of the Parking Management Plan with a pilot program designed to reduce congestion in the downtown, encourage peripheral parking and utilization of the City’s summer trolley system. Strategies included in the pilot program were: installation of better signage and branding of public parking lots; implementing valet parking; increasing parking rates during periods of peak demand; extending hours of meter operation; identifying additional peripheral parking lots; and, data collection and monitoring.

Project Area

Study area map [link to map]


On October 21, 2014, staff presented an update on the pilot parking program to the City Council. Staff will continue to analyze data collected over the summer and meet with stakeholder groups before returning to the City Council in early 2015 with recommendations for the summer 2015 parking program, along with recommendations for off-season parking management.

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