Tree Removal Policies

Public & Private Tree Removal Policies

Trees are an important resource in Laguna Beach, and we recognize that trees of all shapes and sizes contribute to the scenic beauty of the city. The City wishes to preserve and maintain trees whenever possible. We also want to maintain appropriate species and age diversity to provide a stable and sustainable urban forest that is healthy and safe.

Because of this, the City has developed a Tree Removal Policy for public and private trees, establishing a process for the retention, removal, and evaluation of trees located within the City. Click here to read the City's Public Tree Policy.

If there is a pending on-site tree removal meeting it will be posted below:

Trees on City Property

If you are interested in trees in parks and other City-owned property, the information you need is here: an interactive map showing the location and species of the City's planned tree plantings, information about the City's Tree Removal Policy sign-up to be notified when the City is evaluating a public tree for possible removal.

Public Trees Under Evaluation for Removal



Trees on Private Property

If you are interested in trees on private property the information you need is here: information about when homeowners must get City approval before removing trees from private property, and information about the City's View Preservation ordinance.

Private Trees Under Evaluation for Removal



Tree Removal Notification List