Tree Removal Permit

Trees add to the scenic beauty and character of our community. They also prevent erosion, decrease wind, counteract pollutants, and help maintain a climatic balance. Private property owners, for a variety of reasons, may decide to remove trees, including Heritage trees, design review approved trees, or privately maintained trees in the public right-of-way adjacent to their property.

The Tree Removal Permit Process establishes a procedure and helps us monitor requests for removal of trees that fall into the aforementioned categories:

Category I: Heritage trees
Category II: Design Review approved trees
Category III: Trees privately maintained in the public right of way.

For additional information click on the links below.

Additional Information

Tree Removal Permit Information Guide

Tree Removal Permit Application

Heritage Tree List (Revised 1-2-19)

Tree Removal Permit Ordinance, LBMC Chapter 12.06

Notice of On-Site Tree Removal Meeting

Interested Parties List

If you would like to be notified when a private tree in Laguna Beach is subject to a request for removal, please fill out the form below:

Private Tree Removal Notification List