Laguna Beach has a long history of greeting one another. For over one hundred years, Laguna has had official and unofficial greeters welcoming residents with a wave and a smile. Neighbors greet one another at our community gatherings, Hospitality Night, the Patriot's Day Parade, and the Brooks Street Classic Surf Contest.

Here are some ways you can be a greeter and encourage kindness in our City:

1) Take the Greeter Pledge

2) Exemplify the Principles of a Greeter in your everyday life: Be friendly, welcoming, open-minded, respectful, and greet people with a smile. 

3) Include people, don't exclude. Practice being a good upstander, and spread compassion wherever you go - remember, kindness is contagious! Take the  to stand up against bullying and #BeAGreeter.

4) After you take the Greeter Pledge, visit the Community and Susi Q Center at 380 Third Street to pick up your FREE #BeAGreeter sticker between June 25 - December 31, 2018. Put it on your car, water bottle, laptop or surfboard and spread the word about the #BeAGreeter mission. 

5) Add World Kindness Day to your calendar - we celebrate it on November 13 each year. 

8) Learn more about other anti-bullying efforts, including the Ability Awareness Project.