Fire Department

There are no parking restrictions currently in effect.

Welcome to the Fire Department Homepage.  On August 19, 2014, the Laguna Beach City Council approved a "Pilot Program" to restrict parking on certain days in the Diamond/Crestview neighborhood.  These restrictions would only be in place when the National Weather Service has declared a "Red Flag Warning" for the Coastal Orange County weather zone, which Laguna Beach is part of.  New "Red Flag No Parking" signs will be added at Diamond Street and Catalina; at Diamond Street and Crestview Drive; and at Diamond Street and Gainsborough Drive.  These signs will only be displayed when the "Red Flag" parking restrictions are in place.  Residents, visitors, and contractors are encouraged to sign up for email and/or text alerts via the City's website at /portal/default.asp

The purpose of this "Pilot Program" is to evaluate if by reducing parked vehicles on the street, if fire apparatus would have better access should an emergency, such as a wildland fire, break out.  Parking would only be restricted in areas where a 20' fire lane could be created.  This width would permit a fire engine to engage in fire attack and still allow the public room to evacuate the neighborhood.  In addition, 20' would also permit another fire engine to pass and get ahead of a rapidly escalating fire.  The "Pilot Program" will last until July 2014, at which time the City's Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Committee would report back to the City Council.

In addition to implementing the above "Pilot Program", the Fire Department continues to work on several major initiatives that were identified.  These major initiatives include:

  • Enhance the training and professional development of all personnel.
  • Continue to review and enhance Fire Department communications and dispatch procedures.
  • Continue to review and enhance Fire Department fleet maintenance procedures.
  • Enhance Firefighter safety through the new of new technologies that are now available.
  • Enhance the Information Technology capabilities of the Fire Department through improvements in telecommunications, network connections, and software and hardware acquisitions where applicable and in concert with the City’s Information Technology Division’s recommendations.
  • Address the repairs needed to the Fire Department’s facilities and fire stations through the establishment of priorities in concert with funding availabilities for immediate needs and support the City’s Facility Study that will be conducted by a consultant for future predicted issues.