Lifeguard Headquarters & Public Restroom

Lifeguard Headquarters and Public Restroom Construction Project

Starts September 2012 ending Winter 2014

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                   View from Coast Highway to the West

                     View from Coast Highway to the South

 Quick Facts

  • Pathway to Heisler Park – The pathway from the boardwalk to Heisler Park will remain open during construction. A temporary stairway will be constructed to route pedestrians around the project.
  • Basketball Courts – The basketball courts will remain open during construction.
  • Temporary Offices on Main Beach – The temporary offices near the white tower provide lifeguard dispatch, first aid, and lifeguard support while the Lifeguard Headquarters is under construction.
  • Public Restroom – A temporary public restroom trailer has been installed next to the basketball courts to replace the existing facilities during construction. The new public restroom will be included in the new facility.
  • Schedule – Demolition will begin in October 2012, and the construction should be completed in December 2013. Lifeguards should move back in during January 2014 and the temporary trailers will be removed.
  • Cost – The construction budget for the facility is $5.5 million.
  • Project Summary and Benefits – The overall project includes three main components:
    • Construct a new sewer pump station that moves 250,000 gallons per day to replace the 80 year-old existing pump station below the existing lifeguard headquarters. This work is now complete which allows for the demolition of the existing facility. The new facility will house the pump station controls and the emergency generator for the facility.
    • Construct new accessible public restrooms with five stalls for each gender to replace the 50 year-old restroom. The new public restrooms will be located in the new facility which will allow the existing restroom location to be returned to a more natural beach bluff area.
    • Construct the new lifeguard headquarters facility with adequate room for dispatch, first aid, training and briefing , emergency equipment, lockers, showers and restrooms with minimal impact to Main Beach Park.
  • Size – The building will be one story on grade with a full basement. The building footprint will be 3,000 square feet with a total of 6,000 square feet for both floors.
  • Green Features – The facility will include several green features such as a vegetated roof, solar electric panels, solar water heating panels, LED lighting, and the use of local and renewable resources.
  • White Tower – The iconic white lifeguard tower will remain intact and is scheduled for minor renovations this fiscal year.

Construction Schedule

  • October 2011 to August 2012
    • A new sewer pump station (the third largest in town) has been constructed adjacent to the site of the new lifeguard headquarters. The new pump station replaces the existing 80 year-old station under the existing lifeguard headquarters. With the pump station project complete, the demolition of the existing lifeguard headquarters can begin.
  • September 2012
    • Temporary office trailers for the Lifeguards have been moved onto Main Beach Park near the White Tower. The offices provide dispatch, first aid, communications equipment and other lifeguard functions.
    • A temporary public restroom trailer has been installed near the basketball courts which provides accessible restroom accommodations to replace the existing north Main Beach restroom for the duration of the project.
    • An office trailer for the contractor has been installed within the construction fencing area.
  • October 2012 through December 2013
    • Demolition will be done in two phases to allow the pathway from the boardwalk to Heisler Park to remain open. The existing restroom building will be demolished first. Then a temporary stairway will be constructed to allow pedestrians to travel around the project to Heisler Park. After that, the demolition of the headquarters will begin.
    • A unique shoring system will be installed around the perimeter of the site to protect adjacent structures, and seal out ground water and ocean water during the excavation of the basement.
    • The majority of the concrete construction is anticipated to be completed by June 2013, in an effort to reduce the heavy equipment noise impacts to our neighbors.
  • January 2014
    • Construction should be completed in December 2013, with the Lifeguards moving into the facility in January 2014. 

Contact for more information:
Wade Brown
Project Director
505 Forest Avenue
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 497-0360 


Reference Library - Lifeguard Headquarters
Section UL
 Lifeguard Headquarters and Public Restrooms Agenda Bill (297.8 KB)
 Lifeguard Headquarters EIR (link)
 Lifeguard Headquarters Project Plan (2.67 MB)
 View from Coast Highway to the South (1.87 MB)
 View from Coast Highway to the West (1.24 MB)
 View From the Beach (3.58 MB)