Alert OC

  Laguna Beach's New Emergency Notification System

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Laguna Beach is a beautiful and scenic setting for a home or business but with wildland and steep hills, there is danger of flooding, fire, and landslides. Because of these issues, public safety is a concern for everyone. Early in the year, Laguna Beach entered into an agreement with most other communities in the county to share in a county-wide emergency notification system known as AlertOC.

AlertOC is capable of notifying thousands of subscribers by phone, email, or text message within a few minutes of emergency response personnel pressing a send button on a computer.  We still need your help to build a better system.

By locating your address and linking a contact number, emergency services will be able to notify you within minutes of an emergency that threatens you, your family, or your home. For instance, when a fire is nearing a neighborhood that we decide to evacuate, a dispatcher can circle the area on a computer screen, record a message, and transmit that message to thousands of numbers per minute.

Help us to build and maintain this important public safety system. Click here to get started if your home or business is in Laguna Beach.  Not a Laguna Beach resident?  Go to and select your community.

By registering with AlertOC, city residents and businesses will also receive time-sensitive voice messages on cell phones and internet-connected phones when a public safety issue affects your residence or business. The messages can also be delivered via text message, in emails, and TTY/TDD receiving devices for the hearing impaired. All information is confidential and will only be used for AlertOC emergency notifications.