Parking Tickets

To pay a parking ticket (parking citation) online or to locate information about the citation online, click dataticket to leave the City web site and go to Data Ticket 

Three ways to pay a parking ticket:

  • At the front counter of the police station - click How to Find Us for a map
  • Via the web - click dataticket to leave the City web site and go to Data Ticket
  • Send in payment with the envelope that was provided

The first thing you should do is carefully read the parking citation. Almost all of your questions are answered on the citation:

  • The address to send in payments
  • The address to write a letter to contest the citation
  • The phone number to call if you need to speak with somebody about the citation
  • The website to visit for further information

Please be aware that you have only 21 days to either pay the citation or contest it. Information about contesting a citation appears on the back of your parking ticket.  To contest a citation, you can go to the dataticket web site and search for your citation.  After your citation appears, you may click "Appeal Citation" on on the left side of your screen and proceed from there.  Alternatively, you may send in an appeal letter with the citation to the address listed on it.

Once again, carefully read the citation. Almost every question is usually answered on the front or back of the citation.