Village Entrance Project

The Village Entrance Project:
A Lasting Impression of Laguna Beach

Like the doorway into your home, the Village Entrance Project will create a new first impression for everyone entering the City of Laguna Beach. Located where the beautiful and historic Laguna Canyon Road turns into Broadway at Forest Avenue, discover a place where California landscape design, and works of public art and green space provide a lush backdrop for gatherings and ample parking for summer festivals. 

Driven by the energy of Laguna Beach's Art Culture and rustic Canyon landscape, the project’s design is activated by the newly renovated neighboring Pageant of the Masters. Elements of the Village Entrance Project include:

  • A two-way vehicle bridge will provide a new access to the parking lot by the Historic Digester building from Laguna Canyon Road. This new bridge aligns with the existing traffic signal directly across from the Pageant of the Masters, allowing for a clearer pedestrian passage across the road;
  • Paved roads, bridges, and parking lots will support better circulation and traffic flow at the site creating a safer environment for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles.
  • Wide walking trails, 52 new bicycle racks and new bicycle paths made from decorative concrete and decomposed granite will create a safer, pedestrian-friendly urban environment;
  • Extensive Landscaping throughout the site will extend all the way to just north of Canyon Acres Road;
  • Decorative parking lot lighting with double acorn fixtures in the parking areas along Laguna Canyon Road will match the lighting in the Downtown area;

The City’s ultimate goal of the Village Entrance Project is to provide a safer environment for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists in the project area while also creating a terrific entry experience to Laguna Beach while retaining our Village and Canyon character — ensuring pedestrian safety, mobility and creating a public green space filled with public art. 

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We Welcome You to Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach’s small-town atmosphere has a cosmopolitan feel thanks to the City’s cultural arts scene and eclectic arts history. Throughout the year, a wave of visitors come to see our picturesque beaches, art festivals, Pageant of the Masters, Village shopping districts, charming downtown, and breathtaking ocean views. The new Village Entrance Project is a seamless continuation of that atmosphere, merging the sophistication and outdoor aesthetics our City is known for with our California pride and small town values.

Extensive landscaping throughout the site is a driving element of the Village Entrance Project. The landscaping will also tie into the recent improvements at the Pageant of the Masters property.

Pathways, Pride, and Prominence

• A multi-use pathway at the new Village Entrance site will create safer passage for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers at one of the most-travelled intersections in the City.

• A lively, spectacular gathering spot located in the heart of the City will offer green space, Canyon landscaping and prominent public art pieces for residents and visitors to enjoy.

• Seamless design incorporating the newly redesigned neighboring Pageant of the Masters activates the space by creating artistic flow and landscaping at the gateway to the City.

Project Breakdown

A concept 25 years in the making, the intent of the Village Entrance Project is to enhance the site aesthetics while creating a pedestrian-friendly environment, improving circulation and parking and also creating space for public facilities, including a new building for Police support services.

  • Groundbreaking: September 2018
  • Completion: Summer 2020

Prior Use

The Village Entrance site was previously used primarily for surface parking, storage, City facilities, and an active sewer lift station. Located near the intersection of Broadway and Forest Avenue, this focal point of our City will retain its parking purposes and gain lush landscaping, pedestrian trails and gathering spaces and works of public art.

Live Project Status: Construction

  • Construction
  • Pause for Summer Season
  • Completion – Summer 2020

Additional Features

  • The Village Entrance Project will also feature four electric vehicle charging stations, improved decorative fencing along the channel and rammed earth seat walls similar to those at the Pageant of the Masters.
  • Paved access roads, bridges and parking areas will improve vehicular circulation at the area, with curbing and drainage. New railing and upgrades to the existing bridge leading to the current parking lot will further improve aesthetics.

Information About Parking

We have designed this project to impact parking as little as possible. Click here for a map of affected parking lots and information about when parking closures will occur.

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If you have questions regarding the Village Entrance Project, email villageentrance@lagunabeachcity.net.

You may also call the Village Entrance Project Director, Tom Perez at (949) 464-6688.

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