Search Instructions for City Documents

The City of Laguna Beach provides online access to public records for the following:

City Clerk's Office
includes City Council agendas, minutes, resolutions and ordinances

Community Development Department

Includes address files, building permit and planning/zoning records  

Compatibility Note: This document search and retrieval software is only compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox (for Apple users) at this time.

Some documents may be easier to search for than others, depending on how much information you have on a particular subject and the way the document was indexed.

Community Development Property Files

  • Choose blue box that reads "Title Search"
  • In drop down menu choose "Planning Address Files" or "Building Address Files"  depending on the type of document you are looking for, such as permits, etc.
  • In search fields type in address, such as 505 Forest, do not type in st or street because abbreviations are specific and less information yields a better result.


  • Multi-Field
  • Document Type “Resolution”
  • Document Number “78.013” instead of “78.13” (requires 3 digits after the decimal).


  • Multi-Field
  • Document Type “Ordinance”
  • Document Number “0130” instead of “130” (requires 4 digits).