Search Instructions for City Documents

The City of Laguna Beach provides online access to public records for the following:

Compatibility Note: This document search and retrieval software is only compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox (for Apple users) at this time.

Some documents may be easier to search for than others, depending on how much information you have on a particular subject and the way the document was indexed.

Please read the following instructions to familiarize yourself with the search options on the following screen.

  • Enter key words in the “Search For” window on a subject with limited information, such as a property address and press the “Search” button.  Important:  address must be entered exactly as system has it. I.e., case-sensitive and no periods after abbreviations. "Avenue" is abbreviated "Av" and "Highway" is abbreviated "Hy". Ex: "858 South Coast Highway" must be input as "858 S Coast Hy". If you have the Assessor's Parcel Number (APN), input as ###-###-##.
  • To narrow your search, press the “Multi-Field” window and enter key words in the “All Fields” window, or select a specific “Document Type” or use the other pull down menus to enter more specific information on the subject, and then press the “Search” button.
  • If documents are not found, try searching the “General Files” under “Document Type” for a particular department i.e.; General Files for Public Works. This type of search will bring up several documents that have been scanned as one file but not individually indexed.
  • Resolutions and Ordinances can be found by using the current numbering system:


  • Multi-Field
  • Document Type “Resolution”
  • Document Number “78.013” instead of “78.13” (requires 3 digits after the decimal).


  • Multi-Field
  • Document Type “Ordinance”
  • Document Number “0130” instead of “130” (requires 4 digits).

If your search results in multiple documents, open the thumbnail for the document you would like displayed. The document can be enlarged by using the tool bar located above the document. Documents can be printed by clicking the “Printer” icon.

The “Help” function provides interactive tools to walk you through the process.