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Hazardous Waste Collection Contracts Renewed

This week, the City Council approved renewed household hazardous waste collection contracts with WM Curbside, Inc. and Mercury Disposal Systems. The services provided under these contracts include door-to-door collection of hazardous waste by WM Curbside Inc. One annual pick up is offered to residents at no charge by calling 1-800-449-7587 or scheduling an appointment on the Curbside web site at www.CurbsideInc.com . Residents can dispose of hazardous waste, used oil and filters, electronic waste, sharps, batteries and fluorescent lamps. There are also drop-off locations throughout the city for residents to dispose of batteries and fluorescent lamps and tubes. Mercury Disposal Systems then collects the materials from the drop-off locations. Batteries can be dropped at City Hall and the two Sweetwater car wash locations. Batteries and fluorescent lamps and tubes can be dropped at Coast Hardware, Ganahl Lumber, Laguna Beach Auto Supply and Hardware. Batteries and fluorescent lamps (no tubes) can be dropped at Whole Foods Market.