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The 2010 Census: it's easy, it's important, it's safe and everyone counts!


Census Update

To ensure a complete and accurate 2010 Census, the Census Bureau will begin conducting folow-up activities for addresses that have not mailed back a census form.  Census Takers will visit each address up to three times and will leave door hangers with a number to call to schedule an interview time.  The follow-ups will begin May 1st and go through mid-July. 

What is the U.S. Census?

The U.S. Census counts every resident in the United States, and is required by the Constitution to take place every 10 years.

Why is the U.S. Census important?

When you fill out the census form, you're making a statement about what resources the City of Laguna Beach needs going forward. An accurate Census count is important to the City of Laguna Beach, as the data directly affects how much federal and state funding is allocated to communities for neighborhood improvements, public health, education, transportation and much more.

Accurate data reflecting changes in our community are crucial in apportioning seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and deciding how more than $400 billion per year is allocated for projects like new hospitals and schools.  That's more than $4 trillion over a 10-year period for things like new roads and schools, and services like job training centers.

Census data is also used to reapportion the U.S. House of Representatives, re-district each state and determine the distribution of the Electoral College.

2010 Census Questionnaire: Quick, Easy and Confidential

With only 10 questions, the 2010 Census questionnaire is one of the shortest questionnaires in history and takes just 10 minutes to complete. Click here to view a sample questionnaire.

By law, the Census Bureau cannot share an individual's census questionnaire responses with anyone, including other federal agencies and law enforcement entities.

How do I participate in the 2010 Census?

Complete and return your questionnaire when it arrives and mail it back upon receipt. Completing your Census questionnaire is easy and safe.

How can I get assistance or obtain additional information about the 2010 Census?

You may wish to view a sample of the Census form. This sample interactive form gives an in-depth look at the form and the information that is requested so you know what to expect when you get your form. If you have any questions, you may call or visit a Questionnaire Assistance Center near you.

To learn more about the 2010 Census, contact the Orange County Census office at (949) 309-4070 or visit www.2010census.gov

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