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Laguna Beach Enacts Ordinance Prohibiting Objects/Articles Which Could be a Weapon

Section 18.04.110 - Prohibition of carrying or possession of specified items or articles while attending or participating in any demonstration, rally, protest or other public assembly. 

(a) No person, while attending or participating in any demostration, rally, protest or other public assembly on any city beach or in any city park, shall carry or possess any of the following items or articles: metal pipes; baseball or softball bats; lengths of lumber or wood (any size); poles; bricks; rocks; glass bottles; metal beverage or food cans or containers; pepper or bear spray (OC spray); mace; knives; firearms; combat shields; axes; axe handles; or hatchets; ice picks; razor blades; conducted electrical weapons (CEW); spray paint canisters; any gauge chain; balloons or other containers filled with biohazard or other noxious matter; torches; lanterns; or other devices that use fire or fuel; projectiles; or any other item or article that is generally considered a weapon or reasonably capable of being used as a weapon. Signs and flags must be held by hand and may not be affixed to any pole, stick or similar object. 

(b) When possible and feasible, a warning shall be issued before enforcement of the provisions of this section, except that no warning shall be required in exigent circumstances. A warning will be sufficient if it is provided either verbally, by posted signage, or by amplified announcement. 

(c) Authorized officers, employees, agents or representatives of the city shall be excepted from provisions of this section when such officer, employee, agent or representative is engaged in the official business of the city. 

(d) Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.