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City Hall Temporary Art Installation

‘Waiting for Climate Change’ is a temporary public art installation by artist Isaac Cordal. It will be on display at Laguna Beach City Hall from August 7 - October 30, 2020.

CLICK HERE to watch the video dedication from Mayor Bob Whalen

Isaac Cordal is a Spanish Galician artist whose work involves sculpture and photography in the urban environment. His iconic works take the form of urban interventions, which consist of placing small-scale figurative sculptures created from concrete in ‘real’ situations and photographing them before removing them from the streets.

The installation consists of ten sculptures mounted on wooden posts. These particular small-scale figurative pieces are made from resin polyurethane painted with acrylic. The sculptures are observing the horizon, prepared with vests and lifebelts, but also immersed in their smartphones.

‘Waiting for Climate Change’ reflects on “our inability to act on the problem of the climate crisis” and the exhibit is meant “to elicit a response and to get us thinking,” said Cordal. "The idea revolves around finding a place to feel safe, a place high up from which to observe the horizon. The project has a powerful connection with the moment in which we live with the pandemic that affects us, with the consequent social distancing, each one on his own pedestal, that isolation as a way of being safe.”

The sculptures were installed by a local team led by artist Gerard Stripling. The lumber for the installation was sourced from Tule Peak Lumber in Aguanga, from trees that were damaged by the Paradise, CA fire of 2018.

Funding for this program was provided by the lodging establishments and City of Laguna Beach