Streamlined Temporary Use Permits

The Laguna Beach City Council streamlined the City’s Temporary Use Permit (TUP) process to support Laguna Beach business owners pursuing outdoor dining, signage, and the outdoor display of merchandise. 
Any Laguna Beach restaurant interested in outdoor dining or retail business wishing to display merchandise outdoors may submit a no-cost Temporary Use Permit (TUP) application to the City’s Community Development Department with a plan for how they will layout a space that accommodates customers and meets physical distancing guidelines. 
This program is only available to businesses that currently operate from a fixed location within the City. The City will waive all Temporary Use Permit fees through December 31, 2021.


Streamlined TUP Requirements

Outdoor Dining
  • Dining tables must be spaced to provide at least six feet of separation between parties.
  • Furnishings may not obstruct entrances, exits, fire lanes, hydrants, drive aisles, or pedestrian or handicap access,
    nor conflict with other requirements of the Building and Fire codes.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to designate outdoor areas adjacent to their place of business and on their property as outdoor dining area. If constraints limit the on-site opportunities, applicants may request an outdoor dining area on a nearby commercial property, such as a parking lot, or public areas (sidewalk or City parking lot). Parking lot dining areas must provide physical barriers or separations to protect customers from vehicles. To maintain the public safety, dining areas may not extend into travel lanes or street parking unless the street has been closed to vehicular traffic.
Outdoor Displays
  • Outdoor retail displays are limited to an 18-square-foot area adjacent to the storefront and shall maintain a minimum unobstructed sidewalk width of three feet and shall not obstruct building entrances.
  • Creative or decorative displays (e.g., mannequins) and non-standard, artistic sale signage are encouraged.
Temporary Signage
  • Deviations from the temporary sign design standards may be granted provided that the proposed signage is consistent with the architectural attributes and scale of the building in which the business is located. Freestanding A-frame signs limited to six square feet may be located at the storefront sidewalk if positioned to maintain pedestrian and vehicular circulation, including handicap accessibility requirements.
  • Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and special conditions may be imposed to mitigate potential impacts and account for site-specific factors, including but not limited to proximity to sensitive land uses (e.g., residences) and availability of off-street or on-street parking in the general vicinity to accommodate customers and employees.

What information is required to obtain approval?

  • Completed Summer 2020 Outdoor Dining, Retail Display, and Temporary Signage Application
  • Site Plan (may be hand-drawn) identifying the outdoor dining area, furniture layout (e.g. tables, chairs, etc.)
    with minimum required clearances. Building and electrical permitting requirements will be determined during
    the application review process.
  • Visual Examples such as photos of furnishings and fixtures.
  • Sign Plan identifying the size, content, materials, and colors.