Photo credit: Michael Kovach

Dog Licenses

Dogs in Laguna Beach must be licensed. Licenses are good for one, two, or three years and are renewed each February. Click here to apply or renew your dog license online. You'll need proof of rabies vaccination.

Dogs on Leash

Our City laws state that dogs in Laguna Beach must be on a leash at all times. Click here to read more about this rule in our Municipal Code. The one exception is the Laguna Beach Dog Park, where dogs are free to run off leash.

Dogs on the Beach

Dogs in Laguna Beach are allowed on the beach all year, but the times of day they are permitted depends on the time of year. During our busy summer season, June 15 - September 10, leashed dogs are allowed on the beach before 9:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m. During the fall, winter, and spring, leashed dogs are allowed on the beach at any time of day. Click here to read more about this rule in our Municipal Code.

Dog Parks

The Laguna Beach Dog Park is located in Laguna Canyon and the the Dog Play Area is located in Moulton Meadows Park. Those are the the only places in town where dogs are permitted off leash. It closes each Wednesday for maintenance, and it closes during and after rain storms. Click here for more information about the Dog Park, or click here to visit the Friends of the Laguna Beach Dog Park website for more information. To be alerted of dog park closures due to weather text 888777 and write LBDOGPARK in the message.

Barking Dogs

If you hear a barking dog, the best thing to do is try to speak with its owner first. If that doesn't work, you may file a Barking Dog Complaint. This brochure gives more information about that process.

Stray Dogs

If you find a stray dog not wearing a collar with its owner's contact information, just call Animal Services at (949) 497-0701. We'll pick up the pooch, bring her to the Animal Shelter where she'll be safe, scan her for a microchip, and if possible get in touch with the owner. If the dog isn't micro-chipped, the first place most owners call when they realize their dog is missing is the Animal Shelter.

Photo Credit: Michael Kovach