Community Assistance Grants

About the Grants

The City of Laguna Beach makes Community Assistance Grants available to non-profit organizations that provide special services to residents of Laguna Beach. The objective of this program is to assist local organizations in funding new projects or expanded services within the community. Grant awards are decided by the City Council. 

 How to Apply

 The application process for FY 2021 will open January 27, 2021.  The deadline to submit applications is Monday, February 22, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. Click Here to Apply!

The City Council will designate two Councilmembers to form a subcommittee to review the applications. The full City Council will then review the subcommittee's requests as part of its Fiscal Year 2021 budget hearings. Grant recommendations will be finalized in March 2021, and the funds will be dispersed in April 2021.

Grant applications must be submitted electronically.

In evaluating applications, consideration will be given to the following:

  1. Local non-profit organizations with functioning programs.
  2. Projects and services which provide the greatest benefit in meeting the needs of Laguna Beach residents.
  3. New and/or expanded services not currently being provided to Laguna Beach residents.

If you have any questions regarding the grant process, please contact Adam Gufarotti at (949) 497-0304.

2020-2021 Grant Recipients

To view 2020-2021 Applicant Submissions click here.

Cultural Arts Funding Grants

The Arts Commission is currently accepting applications for 2021 Business Improvement District grants for cultural arts programs in Laguna Beach.

In April 2001, the City of Laguna Beach adopted a resolution establishing a business improvement district to promote off-season cultural events and encourage overnight hotel occupancy. The funds made available through the Business Improvement District support projects that promote tourism and related tourist events. The City of Laguna Beach is committed to work with cultural arts organizations to ensure the development and success of a vibrant arts community. Applicants are encouraged to provide expanded programming that deepen and expand active experiences in the arts.

Applications must be made online at https://lagunabeachcity.slideroom.com by February 22, 2021 and applying organizations must provide proof of valid 501(c)(3) non-profit status.