Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow beach is located just south of the center of town. The beach access stairway is located on Sleepy Hollow Lane just south of the signal at Legion and Pacific Coast Hwy. The Pacific Edge Hotel over looks this beach and is a popular area for the hotel guests to go visit.

The beach is mostly a sand bottom with shore break surf conditions, which makes it popular with swimmers and body surfers. The reef at the southern end of the beach offers excellent waves for body boarding, but should be avoided by swimmers.

There are several submerged rocks and the rocky reef towards the southern part of the Pacific Edge. Rip currents can form near the southern reef and along the rest of the beach.

There are no public restroom facilities at this beach, but it is a short walk down to the Main Beach were there are several. The closest parking for Sleepy Hollow beach is the metered parking on Pacific Coast Highway.

If you do visit this area please do not take, collect or disturb any of the marine life. The taking or collecting of rocks, shells, or marine life is prohibited. Fishing is not allowed at this beach.