Woods Cove

Wood's Cove and Lovers' Cove are both accessible at this beach. Popular activities here are diving, body surfing, and exploring the tide pools. The crowd is largely local families that live near this cove. The beach can become very crowded on summer weekends.

This is one of the most active beaches in Laguna. It is fairly small in size, but there are hazards due to the rocks and rip currents present. This area can be extremely dangerous if visitors are unaware of tide and surf conditions. Please check with lifeguard before exploring the northern rocks as they can be extremely dangerous during surf and high tides. There is no diving or jumping off any of the rocks.

If you do visit this area please do not take, collect or disturb any of the marine life. The taking or collecting of rocks, shells, or marine life is prohibited. Fishing is not allowed at this beach.