Parking Permits

Which Permit Do You Want? 

Do you live in Laguna Beach and have off-street parking at your residence? You want a Shopper Permit. Click here.

Do you live downtown or adjacent to Coast Highway? You want a Residential Permit. Click here.

Do you live outside Laguna Beach but within LBUSD boundaries? You want a School District Permit. Click here.

Are you a senior who lives outside City limits? You want a Non-Resident Senior Permit. Click here.

Do you work downtown? You want a Downtown Employee Permit. Click here.

Are you an artist who will participate in the 2021 Summer Festival Season? You want a Summer Festival Parking Permit. Click here.

Replacement of a current parking sticker: If you turn-in, sell or trade in your car you must remove the sticker and bring it to City Hall for a $2 replacement. Any questions, please call 949-497-0793