Animal Services

The City employs three Animal Services Officers. Their job is to enforce all animal regulations in Laguna Beach and Laguna Woods. They also oversee the City's dog park, affectionately known as the "Bark Park," and assist with the rehabilitation of injured wild animals and birds.  

Please note: If it rains, the dog park is generally closed during the storm and for a day or two afterwards.

If you find a stray dog 

If you find a stray dog not wearing a collar with its owner's contact information, just call Animal Services at (949) 497-0701. We'll pick up the pooch, bring her to the Animal Shelter where she'll be safe, scan her for a microchip, and if possible get in touch with the owner. If the dog isn't micro-chipped, the first place most owners call when they realize their dog is missing is the Animal Shelter.

Dog Licensing 

Dogs in Laguna Beach must be licensed. Licenses are good for one, two, or three years. Click here to purchase or renew a license. You'll need proof of rabies vaccination.

Helpful information

For information about coyotes, click here.

Barking dog? How to solve the problem.


Tips for a healthy, well-trained pet from the Animal Shelter

Wildlife and You

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Never leave your pet in a car

Even with the windows open an inch or two, cars can be 40 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. Don't leave an animal in an unattended vehicle. It's dangerous, and depending on the situation, is against the law in Laguna Beach and the State of California. (Laguna Beach Municipal Code 6.24.090 and California Penal Code 597.7.)