Recycling and Diversion Programs

Waste Management of Orange Co.:  (949) 642-1191  

Laguna Beach Recycles 

Laguna Beach has a 71% waste diversion rate.  The recycling efforts of residents and businesses continue to increase the City's overall recycling rate, which reduces impacts to limited landfill resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equal to saving the energy use of 9,614 homes for one year.  Laguna Beach surpassed a State legislative mandate requiring each jurisdiction to maintain a waste diversion rate of at least 65%. 

Residential Recycling Program

The residential waste stream accounts for about one-third of the City's total generated waste. More than 95% of households participate in the free curbside recycling program on a consistent basis by using recycling carts and three free bulky item pickups per year.   Free events are also offered throughout the year. The City offers an annual event to drop off universal waste, E-Waste, Paint and offers a document shredding service.  Composting classes are offered (4) times per year at different locations in the City and composting bins and worm bins are sold at a discounted price.  Free compost is also given away annually in May.   Click here to get information on upcoming events. 

Residential Three Cart Collection System

Your waste carts have been specially designed to accommodate your refuse and recyclable collection needs. The gray-lidded cart is for your recyclables, the green-lidded cart is for your green waste, and the blue-lidded cart is for trash - household waste that cannot be recycled.

Recycling Cart (gray lid)

Place all recyclables in the recycling cart with the gray lid. Do not place liquid or food waste in this cart. Refer to the Reference Card and the cart lid for a listing of acceptable materials. If you are not sure, dispose of it in the trash cart. Recycling preserves our environment and valuable resources. Please recycle! 

Green Waste Cart (green lid) Green waste includes all yard trimmings, grass, tree branches, sawdust, green plants, weeds etc, - basically, all organic materials generated from your yard work. Place only yard trimmings in the green waste cart. Do not place green waste in plastic bags. Ice plant and palm branches cannot be placed in the green waste cart. Animal and food waste cannot be placed in the green waste cart. You can leave your cut grass on the lawn. It's a good source of nitrogen and acts as a fertilizer!

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Trash Cart (blue lid)

The cart with the "blue" is for your household refuse. When in doubt, throw it out with the trash. This will minimize contamination.

Recycling Do's

Newspaper, Magazines, Mixed Paper, Telephone Books, Cereal Boxes, Cardboard, Detergent Boxes, Junk Mail, Tissue Boxes, Frozen dinner boxes, Shredded paper

Plastic beverage containers, Plastic bags bundled inside a plastic bag, Plastic Containers, Buckets, Tubs, Toys with a "resin code" #1-#7.

Recycling Don'ts

Paint Cans, Oil Cans, Pet-soiled Paper, Auto Glass, Ceramics, Mirrors, Disposable Diapers, Window Glass, Pyrex Glass, Light Bulbs, Fluorescent Light Tubes, Styrofoam, Rubber Products

Green Waste Do's

Grass, Tree Limbs, Leaves, Wood Chips, Green Plants, Sawdust, Weeds, Small Wood Scraps, Garden Trimmings, Christmas trees (cut up)

Green Waste Don'ts

Plastic Bags, Tree Stumps, Pet Waste, Painted or Treated Wood, Palm Branches, Soil/Rocks, Ice Plant

Animal or food waste cannot be placed in the green waste cart. Place it in plastic bag and then discard it in the trash cart.


Place textile/clothing items inside a clear plastic bag and call for bulky item collection services. Waste Management will collect plastic bags containing textile/clothing and it will not count toward one of your three (3) bulky item collections per calendar year.

Leaf Collection Program

Between October 1 and February 28, Laguna Beach residents may participate in Waste Management's Leaf Collection program. Residents may place unlimited amounts of leaves inside tied plastic green waste bags at the curb alongside their green waste cart. You can also place bundled green waste next to your green waste cart.  Bundled green waste must not exceed 5 feet in length or weigh more than 50 pounds.

Holiday Tree Recycling

Holiday trees will be collected and recycled for the first three weeks following Christmas on your regular collection day. Trees taller than six feet must be cut in half. Please remove all decoration including tinsel, lights, ornaments and tree stands. Place at the curb.  Flocked trees will be collected but cannot be recycled. Laguna Beach residents may also recycle their tree by cutting it up and placing it I their green waste cart.

Expired and Unused Medicine

Laguna Beach residents can bring unused and expired medications to the Laguna Beach Police Department.  A MedReturn Drug Collection box is located in front of the Police Department. Click here for more details.

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