Sewer System Management Plan

The City of Laguna Beach operates a sanitary sewer system that serves a population of approximately 22,700 in an 8.7 square mile service area. The sewer system serves 7,688 residential connections and 355 commercial, industrial and institutional customers as of 2014.

The sewer system consists of 85.71 miles of gravity sewers (approximately 2,937 line segments), 2,674 manholes, 9.44 miles of force mains, and 25 lift stations.

The Goals of the City of Laguna Beach Sanitary Sewer Management Plan are:

  1. To properly and safely manage, operate, and maintain all portions of the City’s wastewater collection system;
  2. To provide adequate capacity to convey the peak wastewater flows to the City’s wastewater treatment plant. Adequate capacity, for the purposes of the SSMP, is defined as the capacity to convey the peak wastewater flows that are associated with peak summertime flows;
  3. To help minimize the frequency of SSOs;
  4. To help mitigate the impacts that are associated with any SSO that may occur; and

To help meet all applicable regulatory notification and reporting requirements.

2015 Sewer System Management Plan

Reference Documents from the Sewer System Management Plan

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