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Shohreh Dupuis
Director of Public Works/Assistant City Manager
(949) 497-0351


Subject :Southern California Edison Aerial Drone Inspections
Contact :Shohreh Dupuis    (949) 497-0351

Laguna Beach, CA– Southern California Edison (SCE) will be inspecting utility poles by aerial drones during the next week.  Inspections are expected to start on Monday, December 16, 2019 and be completed in approximately five days. 

The drone inspections are being conducted by Birds Eye Aerial Drones.  The drone operators will park their marked vehicles and launch their drones from legal parking spaces in various neighborhoods.  The unmanned aerial drones will circle the top of selected poles taking high resolution photos from multiple positions above the pole. The drones will spend less than a minute at each pole before continuing on to the next pole.  

Inspections will begin in the North Laguna Beach area, then to the central area of Laguna Beach, and finish up in the Top of the World area and the area northerly of Irvine Cove. The attached map shows the general locations and days of the inspections. 

Please contact John Cooper of Birds Eye Aerial Drones, LLC with any questions or concerns at (619) 540-3407 or