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Be Coyote Aware

Like most communities located in semi-rural areas, Laguna Beach and Laguna Woods have active coyote populations. Due to the brushy canyon areas and natural “den” type rock formations, our hillsides provide an attractive environment for coyotes and other animals. Numerous small wild animals in the city offer a plentiful natural food supply for coyotes and other predators; however, coyotes are very resourceful predators. Usually, the only threat coyotes pose to pets that are allowed to run loose. Most attacks occur during the evening hours, but daytime incidents have been reported. Animal Services recommends that pets be inside during evening hours unless the owner is next to the pet to prevent a coyote attack — especially in areas that border undeveloped open space. Also, when pets roam without identification, Animal Services is unable to notify most pet owners of the fate of their missing pets.  If you have any concerns regarding wild animals or see a coyote in a residential area, please call Laguna Beach Animal Services at (949) 497-0701. You may also report coyote sightings to coyotes@lagunabeachcity.net