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Orange County Advances to Next Stage of Reopening

The California Department of Health announced that Orange County may move into the Red Tier of the State's new reopening guidelines on Sunday, March 14 meaning restaurantsgymschurchesmuseumsand movie theatres may now resume indoor operations at limited capacity. Bars that do not serve meals must remain closed.

Indoor mallsbarbershops and hair salons may also increase indoor capacity under Red Tier, and Middle and High Schools may reopen for in-person hybrid instruction.

Most other retailers can continue operating, as long as they limit how many people are inside at one time.

What can now be open?

  • Indoor dining: open at 25 percent capacity
  • Movie theaters: open at 25 percent capacity
  • Museums: open indoors at 25 percent capacity
  • Gyms, yoga studios: open indoors at 10 percent capacity
  • Stores: indoor capacity increases to 50 percent
  • Malls: indoor capacity increases to 50 percent

Maximum indoor capacities are dependent on business type and should be referenced in the Reopening Tier Guideline Chart and its corresponding capacity limits.

Additional Reopening Guidelines for Indoor Dining at Restaurants

  • Indoor operations are restricted to 25% of the occupancy of the restaurant, or 100 persons, whichever is lower.
  • Physical distancing and hygiene measures are still applicable, so patrons must be seated far enough apart to maintain physical distancing; this may mean a business is not able to accommodate 25% occupancy indoors.
  • Bars within restaurants are still closed for dining. The bar can be used by employees for the preparation of beverages, but no patrons can sit at the bar and receive service. This includes seating at sushi bars.
  • Bars that do not serve meals must remain closed.
  • Breweries/ Wineries/Distilleries that do not serve meals may open outdoors with modifications (see below.)

Breweries, wineries and distilleries that do not serve meals may open outdoors Saturday wth modifications.

Beginning on Saturday, March 13, breweries, wineries, and distilleries that do not serve meals may open outdoors only with modifications.

The modifications include ensuring that patrons have reservations and patrons observe a 90-minute time limit. Service for on-site consumption must end by 8 p.m.

The updated guidance does not apply to breweries, wineries, and distilleries that provide meals. Those establishments should continue to follow the restaurant guidance.

However, bars that do not serve meals must remain closed.

It is important that businesses, restaurants, and the public pay attention to occupancy limits within each sector and corresponding color Tier, found at the link below.

Click HERE for the Reopening Tier Guideline Chart and Corresponding Reopening Capacity Limits